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About Us


Unicorn Trading branched into the retail market in 2015. In 2016 Sean Ager was appointed Director – Retail Operations following his immigration from Australia. 2017 marked the beginning of the rapid expansion of the Paint & Hardware brand. With a focused more aggressive approach, Sean and his team grew the business by 400% to 5 branches in just 12 short months. Paint and Hardware's expansion plans include the opening of their flagship store in October/November 2019 (location to be revealed soon) with at least two other branches planned for 2020!!!


Paint and Hardware is a rapidly expanding retail chain that incorporates Outdoor Products, Home Appliances, Audio Visual and Paint and Hardware. Paint and Hardware aims to deliver a quality service nationwide!!! We, as a business, aim to ensure that we deliver exceptional customer service and superior quality products at the right prices... no compromises!!! Our Team, have the knowledge and understanding to assist you with all your Paint and Hardware needs, don't hesitate to give us a visit or contact us!! We look forward to satisfying the demand for customer service driven business. Come on down, we cannot wait to meet you and your family to aid in building a happier community!!



We provide a high quality wide range of security products such as alarms, flood lights, locks etc for your home or office security.


We provide a high quality range of automotive products such as batteries, lubricants etc for your vehicles needs.


We provide a high quality range of building products such as the general tools, steel, cement, adhesives etc for your D.I.Y or building projects.


We provide a high quality range of Outdoor products such as the Braii's, cooler boxes, lights etc for your outdoor needs.


We provide a high quality wide range of electrical products such as light bulbs, light fittings, coupling etc for your home or building projects.


We provide a high quality wide range of plumbing such as PVC, Copper galvanized fittings etc for your home use or building projects

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